JAQK Cellars (Red)

Jeu de cartes Red Jaqk Cellars par Theory 11 / Red Jaqk Cellars Playing Cards

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Red JAQK Cellars Deck par Theory11 avec un design de JAQK Cellars, un établissement vinicole de la Napa Valley en Californie.

Existe aussi en bleu et en noir.

Theory11 à propos des cartes JAQK Cellars Red Edition :

JAQK Cellars Red Edition features a gorgeous custom tuck case with metallic foils and imported French paper. 52 custom faces and 12 stunning, custom court cards.

They are a new breed of elegance in playing card design.

A deck that is as beautiful as it is functional, JAQK playing cards are a collector's item that will draw compliments every time the cards are cut. And they handle like a dream. Available in red and printed on the finest stock to ensure durability, fanning capability, and snap.

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