Virtuoso (Spring Summer 2015)

Virtuoso Spring Summer 2015 Playing Cards by the Virts (Huron Low, Kevin Ho, Daren Yeow, Joshua Tan and Jeremy Tan)

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The Virts à propos des cartes Virtuoso :

The choice of top cardists, the Virtuoso deck is the only deck with Adaptive Aesthetics - a functional back design that visually enhances every card flourish you do; swirling, strobing, connecting and even changing color according to your movements and displays.

Crafted with the finest casino-grade materials and quality control standards, the Virtuoso Deck also features handling characteristics optimised according to the demands of the best card handlers in the world.

With powerful new refinements to Adaptive Aesthetics, further improved handling capabilities, as well as new art work, the new SS15 Virtuoso deck takes your Cardistry to yet another level.

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