Fontaine (Pink)

Après les Fontaine rouges, bleus, et noirs Zach Mueller revient avec une nouvelle couleur, cette fois-ci sans Kickstarter.

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Ces cartes simples et désormais iconiques ont un dos rose clair orné uniquement du logo Fontaine. Elles ont le même motif et sont imprimées de la même manière que les cartes Bicycle classiques.

Existe aussi en bleu et en noir.

Zach Mueller à propos des cartes Fontaine :

Pink Fontaines are the 4th deck of Fontaines by Zach Mueller. A limited run of 5,000 decks have been printed by the USPCC.

In just the past 6 months, Fontaines have been seen over 20 million times on Facebook alone. Our cardistry videos featuring Fontaines have gone viral, been featured on multiple TV shows, dozens of blogs and magazines, and local channel news in the US, Israel, and Chile. They have been shared by over 100,000 people on Facebook.

Watch the Pink Fontaines used in PASTEL PAPER, our latest cardistry video by Zach Mueller.

This year, Fontaines are also exclusively used in the movie SLEIGHT, an official Sundance Selection which will release nationwide in 2017.

Fontaine Cards started with one red deck on IndieGogo in 2013, and since has become an internationally recognized brand. Making cardistry videos and tutorials on our YouTube channel has garnered over 60,000 subscribers from around the globe - cardists, magicians and those who just enjoy watching dope stuff.

For the past two Fontaine decks, Blue Fontaines and Black Fontaines, we printed a run of 15,000 decks each, all of which sold out. This time, we’re printing a much more limited quantity of 5,000.

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