Voltige (Moulin Rouge Red)

Aussi disponible en bleu, ce paquet reproduit les figures françaises du XVème siècle, redessinées pour l'occasion.

Collaboration entre Dan & Dave et les créateurs du jeu Tungstene, Henri de Saint Julien & Jacques Denain.

Existe aussi en bleu (Deep Parisian blue)

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Présentation du jeu par Dan and Dave :

After over two years of production, you can now wander down the Champs-elysées with a pack of our Voltige playing cards in hand. Designed in collaboration with Henri de Saint Julien & Jacques Denain, the creators behind Tungstene, a deck that's become not only a rarity, but a paragon in the collections of those lucky enough to own a pack. We are confident that in the same way as its fabled predecessor, Voltige will quickly become a modern classic.

Voltige, a name stemming from the french word for aerial often used to describe the apex gesture of a flourish, is a true testament to our creative ingenuity and drive to constantly push the boundaries of custom playing cards. Not unlike Georges Haussmann's reconstruction of the streets of Paris, each deck features a design that's innovative, modern, and exceptionally bourgeois.

The back design is a display of two separate hands working in tandem to reach a singular goal. To us, this is the epitome of not only our life story, but of our brand as a whole. Today we work in tandem to bring you the next chapter in the future of playing cards.

Aussi disponible en bleu

Vidéo par Art of Play, une filiale de Dan and Dave.


  • Fabriquant Erlanger, The United States Playing Card Company
  • Sceau Timbre

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