Arrco U.S. Regulation (White)

Jeu de cartes blanches Arrco U.S. Regulation / Custom run of the white Arrco U.S. Regulation playing cards by The Blue Crown

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Although historically not as highly regarded as the Tahoe No. 84 decks, the Arrco U.S. Regulation cards are an excellent card favored by several famous magicians. These cards were usually produced with a fullcolor Joker and a black and white Joker. Other than color, the Jokers were identical. Most of the decks seen today still say Arrco on the boxes, even though the company was acquired by USPCC in the late 1980s.

In 2011, The Blue Crown re-released the Arrco playing cards in this special custom run.

  • Fabriquant Erlanger, The United States Playing Card Company
  • Sceau Aucun

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